Videos of LARP

On this page you will find a range of videos that highlight the leisure or hobby activity commonly referred to as ‘live action roleplaying’. This hobby is established across a range of communities and subcultures worldwide, and these videos show just a little insight into the sorts of things that are involved. Each community develops its own approaches and norms, and like any hobby it has changed a bit over time. Simply compare the first two videos!


Bothwell School of Wizardry

(They have to be very very careful about certain famous wizarding movies and books)

Blue Peter look at Treasure Trap LARP 1983

Lorien Trust ‘The Gathering’ 1995

Character Creation (LT)

Dara O’Briain’s “Tough Gig” with UK LARPers (Canterbury)

Profound Decision’s trailer for their game ‘Empire’

Profound Decision’s trailer for their game ‘Odyssey’

Matt Pennington (PD) discussing Immersion in LARP

German LARP

Conquest of Mythodea


‘Scandi’ LARP

‘Treasure Trapped’ Documentary coverage of Panopticorp

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