LARP in the News and Other Mainstream Media

Article in the Spectator on ‘The Art of LARP’ 18 Nov 2017 

Copenhagen Post’s account of Panopticorp LARP 26 Oct 2013

The Daily Mail’s account of Panopticorp LARP 19th Oct 2013

BBC Magazine article on LARP 31st August 2013:

The Huffington Post review of Lorien Trust’s regular August event ‘The Gathering’ 6th Nov 2012

19th Oct 2012

Guardian article on Zombie LARP and Augmented Reality gaming, 19th Oct 2012

Time article on Danish LARP, July 20, 2012

BBC article on publication of Lizzie Stark’s book “Leaving Mundania” May 3, 2012

BBC article showing frequent web traffic on LARP websites among civil servants  July 29, 2011

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